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Soul Retrieval | Cellular Release | Cutting Cords |Soul Fractures

Soul Retrieval

This is an ancient process in which parts of the soul leave due to a traumatic experience, and once again are gathered and rejoined into oneness. There are times when individuals do not realize that their souls have become fragmented, resulting in a feeling of a partial emptiness. Rejoining the fragmented parts of your soul will bring you a euphoric feeling of joy. The process is very empowering. It will make you feel exhilarated and reborn!  By Michael

“Cellular Release” is a painless process by which negative emotional energy acquired in a person’s lifetime is stored in the cells of their body. Everything a person experiences in their lifetime whether positive or negative is stored in the cells of their body including every organ. This technique was developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Gross to release and remove those energies stored in a person’s body at the deepest cellular level. The purpose of releasing these energies is to help prevent illness and dis-ease that may occur when one least expects it. It is most effective with stubborn, chronic, or recurring health issues. It may also prevent future illnesses. Over the years, it has proved to be highly effective. This process helps the physical, mental, and emotional body at all levels. It is a wonderfully gratifying and healing experience each person will be taking away with them.

Past Life Regression

Karma is nothing more than life’s lessons that you have yet to learn. Many souls bring Karmic lessons from the past lives into the current incarnation in order to complete their learning and promote their spiritual evolution. Through Michael’s gentle guidance, you will learn the nature of the karmic lessons that you can now understand and release them. Wisdom erases Karma! Michael can help you gain this wisdom. You cannot change what you do not recognize or understand. Many problems souls encounter in this lifetime are the result of a Karmic Link to past lifetimes or even future lifetimes. Once they can grasp the nature of these lessons, an emotional healing process begins to take place changing your life for the better.

Cutting Energetic Cords

We form cords – both good and bad energy connections. They pull on us. They can affect our thinking and feeling. When we have an inter exchange of energy with others, and sometimes energy cords develop between two people. Forming cords happens when you have had strong emotions about another person. Between mother and child or father and child there will be the forming of cords. This energy exchange is beneficial for protection and education of the child. What if a stranger damages you and you cannot stop thinking about the abuse or rape? In that traumatic event, emotional cords formed between you and that person. Those cords need to be cut and deleted. You will feel free at last about that situation. Taylore and Roi are masters of cutting cords, and they have a unique way to heal the wounds around the events. The cutting of cords is part of the Reiki Healing experience in the Journey of the Soul Retreat.

Everyone has cords and most are sucking your energy. Generally speaking, cords are attachments that could be very good and happy experience. Or an anger cord could be a very bad experience such as the result of robbery, rape, abuse, punishment, and other extreme, harsh invasions of your being. There will be a clearing process at the Week Retreat.

Soul Fractures

What are Soul Fractures? The Laser Reiki Masters Taylore and Roi discovered Soul fractures as well as a process for healing the soul wounds. Once the fractured pieces are brought back home to your Soul and gaping-holes have been energetically healed you will feel whole and happy again. The soul fractures might be help in other realities, other lifetimes and other dimensions.

Who is more likely to have PTSD?

Some people will not develop Posttraumatic stress. Other individuals who experience assault-based trauma like war are more likely to develop PTSD.

Posttraumatic stress is another name for anxiety and extreme trauma about an event that has happened in the past. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens after an individual has been exposed to traumatic events. If they had a serious injury, a brutal situation like warfare, a sexual assault, or having to fend off an attack or threats of imminent death chances are they would suffer a big case of anxiety. Just being a witness to such events or watching a movie will not cause PTSD.

The PTSD diagnosis is when certain symptoms appear, such as blackouts of memory, or recurring disturbing flashbacks of the event.   Some PTSD might have avoidance or extreme anxiety, after being traumatized by some event. Children recover much faster and are less likely to experience PTSD after trauma than adults. War veterans are at a very high risk for PTSD. And so are abused women and men.

You may have become neurologically connected to it and cannot stop the thoughts looping back over and over to it. It causes extreme agitation and tension for no apparent reason connected to today’s events. An energy healer could re-wire and reconnect the people’s mind where they no longer have the PSTD connection.

CMT David Masters will conduct a seminar on this PSTD process and facilitate teaching the group on these techniques.




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