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Couples Therapy

couples-therapy-transformation-weekCouples therapy is a controversial issue; some people believe it’s helpful while others think it’s useless! In my opinion, it can be really beneficial for a couple if both sides are prepared to face the truth and change habits.

The reasons why a couple should seek professional help can be numerous such as an unfair, a big fight, lack of communication, you name it! But sometimes couple’s counseling can’t turn the tables in a relationship because it’s already too late.

All couples should know that it’s totally pointless to seek help at the last minute! However, the purpose of this article is to describe the benefits of couple therapy, not the reasons…

#1: Improves Communication

The lack of communication is one of the main reasons why a couple goes to couple counseling. Of course, it takes courage from both sides to admit that there’s no communication and do something before it’s too late! After all, it’s almost normal to lose communication with all these obligations you have to deal with on a daily basis.

A professional definitely helps a couple when it comes to communication. Communication is all about mutual respect and understanding. A therapist can provide a couple with specific instructions on how to communicate more effectively. For instance, listening to each other more actively instead of criticizing each other is a good start.

Of course, the therapist should go back and find the source of the problem and how this problem affects the communication. For example, do they fight a lot? Does the man works too many hours? Do they ignore each other’s needs? All these may lead to a problematic communication, but it’s not irreversible; all these situations can be easily solved with some expert advice!

#2: Improves “bad” behavior

Dysfunctional behavior may lead to big problems in a relationship. So when a couple goes to see a therapist, the therapist have to change they behave to each other.

There are cases of physical or psychological violence and the therapist needs to deal with it! The therapist must make sure that his clients are not at risk. Then he can suggest some ways which will help both sides to improve their behavior and never resort to violent means again!

In some cases, if the therapist believes that a client is in danger, he may suggest some anger management sessions or any other treatment for the person who’s violent in a relationship! This measure will help the couple even more by promoting mutual respect.

#3: Helps you express your feelings

Emotional avoidance is a problem that mostly men have and it can seriously damage (if not ruin) a relationship! The inability to express your true feelings is a serious problem and you have to admit it and look for professional help.

The majority of men think that being romantic may make them look less manly, but that’s not true at all! Of course that doesn’t mean that some women cannot have the same problem as well.

The therapist, using his tools will be able to dig up the reasons why his clients are afraid of expressing themselves, so he can help both men and women express their true feelings towards their partner. This will improve the relationship and tighten the bond of the couple.

Remember, emotional avoidance doesn’t necessarily mean indifference; so when you realize that you can’t express your private feelings, always ask for advice before it’s too late.

#4: Helps you get a more objective view of your relationship

The whole process of therapy will help both partners diminish their selfishness and ego which is very important to keep the balance in a relationship. The therapist will encourage both partners to follow a more objective approach and learn how to share responsibilities to make the relationship better.

Some people believe that objectivity is a given in a relationship, but it’s not!

Sometimes a partner cannot take the responsibility for his actions and tends to blame the other partner. In some other cases, a partner expects to get more out of his relationship and he’s not willing to give back what he’s supposed to (both emotionally and materially)!

To sum up, I believe that couple therapy is very helpful and beneficial for your relationship if you have a good timing!

Like I said before, you don’t have to wait until your relationship is messed up because you won’t have the desirable result. When you see the first signs of deterioration in your relationship, you have to take action immediately!

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