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Natural Healing Naturopathy

Natural Healing (also known as Naturopathy/Naturopathic Medicine) is a general term for any of a number of healing techniques, which may be rooted in super naturalistic or paranormal methods.

  • Some people consider natural healing to be super natural, but we all know that if it works it is NATURAL.
  • We just don’t understand how it works and sometimes we forget it has been used for thousands of years. In truth, natural healing has been used since the beginning of populations on earth.
  • It is a form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of “natural” treatments.


Most common natural healing methods being used are homeopathy, energy healing and herbalism.
Others include absent healing, acupressure, aikido, acupuncture, Alexander technique, applied kinesiology, bioenergetics, Cayce therapies, charismatic healing, cranial osteopathy, Dianetics, exorcism, hydrotherapy, iridology, Jin Shin Acutouch, jin shin jyutsu, JinShin, Body mind, Acupressure, Jungian psychology, Laser Reiki, laying on of hands, lomilomi massage, macrobiotics, medical astrology, nature cure, neo-Shamanism, orgonomy, past life/lives therapy, polarity therapy, primal therapy, psychic healing, radiesthesia, radionics, rebirthing therapy, reflexology, Reiki, Rolfing, shamanism, t’ai chi ch’uan, therapeutic touch, touch for health, transcendental meditation, yoga, vibrational medicine etc


Natural-Healing-Transformation-Week-mind-body-soul-spirit-natureNatural healing e.g. herbal medicine and homeopathy utilize natural remedies for curing the common ailments. These natural remedies e.g. herbs contain naturally found medically active substances in safe concentrations. Many herbs contain substances that are found in modern allopathic medicines as well. Being in safe concentration with natural buffers there is no danger of toxicity and side effects.

Some natural activities eg exercise boost up our immune system and help  the human body fight back against disease and cure it without need of modern medicines.

The herbal supplements contain plant materials, the FDA considers them to be food. As a result, the manufacturers who produce these products aren’t required to perform clinical trials or follow the manufacturing and labeling laws required for drug company prescription and over-the-counter drugs, so these products don’t have the inflated prices of drugs.

Some of the other natural healing methods are based on immaterial “vital energy fields”, the existence of which has not been proven yet, by the FDA. The FDA was created in 1906. These natural remedies have been proven useful by thousands of years of experience and most significantly – compelling results.


Natural healing methods are the ancient most used healing techniques. They have helped mankind for ages. For centuries, people have turned to natural remedies to fight common ailments such as colds, upset stomachs and toothaches, etc. They are still working and the trend continues to support treatments that do no harm to the human body.

Most of the allopathic medicines have a lot of bad side effects and they don’t always remain effective e.g. with the discovery of new antibiotics, the germs have adapted new defensive mechanisms where the bacteria has developed resistance to antibiotics. Most of the antibiotics which we were using confidently and safely in the past (e.g. like penicillin) don’t work in all patients now days.

But natural healing is still here for you and will surely remain for ages to come.

  • Natural healing is cost effective and available for those who can’t afford modern doctor’s visits and fancy allopathic drugs.
  • Being derived from natural resources, patient who used natural remedies is not too worried about adverse effects and this provides mental satisfaction, which also helps healing process.

Nearly 4 out of 10 adults have used some form of alternative natural remedy, according to a 2007 report from the National Center for Health Statistics.


Natural Healing is often criticized by the AMA medical practitioners and they say:

  • It is lacking in scientific basis
  • There is very little if any research work done until now

Naturopaths don’t advise very complex medication and recommend only exposure to naturally occurring substances, such as sunshine, herbs and certain foods, as well as natural activities, such as exercise, meditation and relaxation which you may have already used/done so many times in you life. Just removing stress alone is very healing. These natural treatments help restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself without the adverse effects of conventional medicine. Natural methods and chemicals are safer than artificial or synthetic ones. Natural healing comes from mother earth and living in harmony with nature causes a feeling of well-being and grounds your energy.

We must remember that at the root of the AMA’s complaints against natural health products is the fact that there is no money for them – the corporations – in promoting them. They are lobbing to the FDA to outlaw natural remedies and products. The Pharmaceutical companies cannot put patents on age old natural remedies and they think natural healing might compete with the newly created drug market — just over a hundred years old.

An attack on Natural Nutrition, “The FDA has released a “guidance document” that forces anyone wanting to research the healing properties of supplements to provide an Investigational New Drug application—complete with a hefty $2.3 million price tag payable to the government. If the research finds the nutrient to have healing properties, the supplement will be regulated as a drug.”  Do you want your organic food to be classifies a “drug”?

Because supplements are natural and can’t generally be patented, they will never make enough money to go through FDA’s billion-dollar drug approval process. But now, companies can’t even do research on their product’s health benefits or else the supplement becomes a drug! We at ANH-USA  (The Alliance for Natural Health USA) call this the “Catch-22” of American medicine. The drug corporations own the FDA and control it by buying it officials.

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