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reiki-transformation-weekReiki (it sounds like ray-key) is a spiritual healing method that incorporates, but is not restricted to, the laying on of hands. It was discovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui in Okazaki, Japan, and is believed to have originated hundreds of years ago, but then was forgotten. It is an effortless, yet a powerful healing skill, that you can use on yourself and likewise on others. You can be easily trained in how to increase the Reiki energy flow in a number of quick lessons. Actually children are ready for Reiki. It can help them deal with the outside world. Children are born more connected to Source Energy and with their imaginations intact. They are taught not to use their imaginations and they forget about the power within – Reiki.

Important: It is spiritual in nature, but not a religion. It links you to the source energy (SE) that a lot of people call god. Practicing it gives inner peace and happiness. The word is made up two Japanese words: rei(ray of energy) means spirit or soul, and ki (Qi)is the word for life force energy, a universal energy that is believed to posses a mind of its own (a consciousness). This energy is believed to have the ability to provide precisely what is required on all levels – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical to give the client relief from pain, worry and stress.

We are all connected to the universal life force energy (ki). The human body has the potential to transfer this healing energy; you are a pipe and can flow Reiki. Comparable to a computer equipped with an operating system: The entire computer needs software – a program to correctly operate.

You also have the potential to flow this form of energy for yourself and for other people. Practice will teach you how you can use these techniques, and the attunements (comparable to the software) will multiply the amount of healing energy you can flow. The more Reiki energy you flow – the quicker you can turn sickness into health.

Reiki techniques work by dissolving or taking away unhealthy/discordant energy and emotionally charged energy blockades from various levels of being: bodily, psychological, and spiritual. It also helps you connect to source energy. That brings you joy, happiness and a rich sense of wellbeing. The 911 attacks on WTC brought such terror in the hearts of the people that the trauma associated with the events disconnected them from SE. That was the fundamental reason why everyone felt so terrible. Reiki reconnects you with this energy. In the midst of chaos, you will still feel calm, safe, and loved as if in the arms of Mother/Farther Consciousness.

This healing method assists you to create balanced cellular conditions within your being allowing healing to manifest. Healers that have been tuned to the Reiki healing current have noticed that their instinctive healing energies have been heightened. They also refer to their healing energies as being more effective, easier flowing and more targeted than before.

Reiki is taught to beginning students by a certified Reiki master or teacher throughout a series of attunements. For the duration of the attunement process, dedicated healing symbols are enclosed in your energy field, which allows you to flow the higher vibrations of energy. These symbols are like software programs being installed into a computer to enhance its ability.

The attunement method opens you up entirely to the Reiki energy, and you can now give Reiki treatments to others and to yourself. You come to be an open route (or a pipe) for the Reiki energy to flow through to others and yourself. This energy naturally and continuously circulates in your body. It fills your heart area first and foremost and spreads out from that location into your hands. Anytime you place your hand on a subject, e.g., a person, an animal, plants, food, or a crystal, the healing energy spreads out into that subject as well.

Reiki increases the vibrational frequency. Illness is low vibrational frequency. Health and Wellness is high vibrational frequency.

1) You will not depend on using your own energy to heal other people. You will at all times use only the Reiki energy (True God Force Energy). You’ll also be shown how to preserve your own energy, and therefore not get depleted when healing others.

2) During a healing session other people’s bad energy will not stick to you. You are protected from taking on negative energy Рanytime, any place and especially during a healing treatment.

3) Reiki will not cause harm to anyone. The Reiki energy is at all times a benefit to the receiving individual. The more you train, the more benefit there will be. Just as with any instrument you play, you will get more skilled with practice.

Reiki is taught in three degrees, and there exists a special attunement ceremony using structure and the sacred symbols i.e. software for each training level, which is passed on from the master to the student.

Reiki I

The first degree Reiki is basically associated with transferring physical and etheric healing energy. This energy has an amazing ability to harmonize and balance the chakras, relieve stress, and remove negative energy from an individual’s auric field. And Reiki is great to also relieve the body from diseases in general.

Reiki II

The second level of Reiki energy provides healing on the emotional and mental levels. In addition, the first-degree energy is greatly enhanced by the second-degree energy, and the student is instructed how to send healing energy over long distances and even to other points in time.
The second degree Reiki student also learns procedures for using the Reiki symbols to purge and protect the aura. These symbols may be used to get rid of bad energy in your house or office. Similar advanced techniques are taught to accomplish deep emotional healing, which is in many cases the genuine cause of almost any disease.

Reiki III

The third degree Reiki energy is highly spiritual in nature. It addresses self-empowerment. The master degree III increases both the first and second-level energies to their highest potential. It integrates one’s being and leads to a deeper contact with one’s higher self.


We all – old and young – can do this! There is no age limit. All youngsters are a natural at flowing this energy. You can really feel it flow out of their big eyes and faces until they are about 4 years old at which point societies training causes then to close it down to a trickle. We are all built in His image to flow this healthful energy. A Reiki attunement simply opens up the channels a lot more, providing a boost in energy flow. It’s our natural skill to flow Reiki, and every person is special in this way.

The training course to learn Reiki may vary from teacher to teacher. Once there was a 5 to 10 year internship to develop into a Reiki master. The teaching requirement needed all those years of service to their master before the trainees were approved.

This extremely long training is not required in our time, but it still is advantageous to meet on a regular basis with your teaching master. Reiki is a mere starting point to becoming a true energy healer. It doesn’t matter if you plan to go into business or just heal all the energy blockages within yourself, heal family, friends, animals, or plants; it’s a marvelous capability to have and share and it is 100% natural.

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