Transformation Week

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Spiritual Healing

Dr. John Christopher, a famous herbalist, used to say, “ There are no impossible diseases to cure, only impossible individuals to treat.”

Spirituality can be the only treatment that works where everything else failed.

What is the meaning of Spirituality?

spiritual-healing-transformation-weekSpirituality involves being in an everlasting relationship with divinity (the God Within) and gaining awareness on our mind, body, soul, purpose and existence as a whole. Spirituality involves one’s dedication towards becoming him/herself, becoming awake to your sense of self, authenticity, self-love, looking within and the willingness to dive deep within to find your real essence. This practice is not always easy or comfortable, but it is extremely rewarding on the long term. There is something very powerful and inherently good within every individual no matter what they are doing with the outer. When you look deeply within you will only find Love and Joy.

There is a distinction between religion and spirituality: one can be spiritual, without being religious. Religion is a set of ideas designed for trying to grasp parts of the divine. Religions have sets of dogmas, buildings, and an earthly leader. George Bernard Shaw explained, “There is just one religion, although there are one hundred different versions of it.” There are many brands of religions, but they don’t necessarily have anything to do with God or spirituality.

The first caretakers in ancient cultures were the priest-doctors; the shamans, the elders were the ones possessing the wisdom necessary to heal their tribes of sickness. By getting closer to the Source and giving up resistance many sick are healed. There are many spiritual healing practices today: Pranic healing, Reiki, soul retrieval techniques, shamanic ceremonies, self-hypnosis, Satsangs, meditation, transformational retreats, Journeys of the Soul and so on. All of these catalyze a process of discovering, accepting and Temple Within. The unconscious mind and super conscious mind are connected to the God within.

Some people are asleep to the spiritual side of life. They don’t want to hear about it or see it. They might be feeling good about stealing money through banks and Wall Street, polluting earth, making vaccinations with a very high level of Mercury and animal pus to inject children and seniors. Etc.  Remember these people are not inherently evil; they are doing the best they can. Usually people who are not very connected to Source may have a very high Ego, too. They can justify anything if the Ego is high enough…. They just let their negative mind chatter go on, and on, and on — until they feel good about doing bad things! Big Egos pinch off our connection to Source energy. When we are heart connected to Source — we cannot harm others or steal things!

The key to Spiritual Healing starts with an understanding of who we are. In order to do that, we must peel off whatever is untrue, and reach the sacred space inside us that we all have access to. Are we just mere humans, an animal body? Are we something much more than a body? Are we a spiritual being having a human experience?

You are the Atma (Soul), You are God.

Krishna told Arjuna, “Always remember that you are the indweller, not the body. You are the one who wears the cloth; you are not the cloth itself. You are the resident of the house; you are not the house. You are the witness, the knower of the individual, you are not the individual. But now, Arjuna, you are mistaking yourself to be this limited individual. Enjoyment of impermanent things can only give you impermanent happiness. Eventually, all these momentary pleasures and enjoyments will only turn into sorrow. Keep your mind steady and discharge your duties, remembering the atma. Do not think or worry about birth and death, or the joy and sorrow which accrue to you. Birth and death are relevant only to the body. They do not refer to you. You are not the body. You are the permanent entity which is free from birth and death. You have neither a beginning nor an end. You were never born and you will never die. Nor will you ever kill anyone. You are the atma. You are all-pervasive. Verily, you are God. Your very self is God and God is your self.”


Spiritual Healing brings profound commitment, joy, and inner peace; it means awakening to our true selves and reaching our full potential.

Different individuals resonate with different healing techniques; finding one that suits you it is not that hard, as things should flow effortlessly when you are getting a handle on your true self. We are all looking for that door within. Nothing in life should be forced, and that is why spiritual healing it is all about balance, patience, and being present in the moment. People all over the world follow their own, particular inner process, receiving information, teaching themselves how to shift their focus from disharmony to light and love.

~Abraham-Hicks, San Antonio, TX, 11.15.14 says:  100% of your work is to ENHANCE YOUR RECEPTIVITY. That’s it.

“See yourself in perfect health, perfect relationships, perfect money in your bank account.

And if you will do it right before you sleep, then there will be many hours where you will be unconscious, where you will not be doing any mis-creating to counteract that.”-Abe



Ultimately, a spiritual healing purifies the filters we use to see the world. We begin to understand the bigger picture of the game called life and see others differently, we know we are at a deeper level of understanding the big picture; our Ego and mind chatter dissipates and we reach our true inner gifts. Judgments and strong opinions go away. We graciously connect to God; The Universe, The Source, The Divine (different names for the same etheric essence) and we begin to live according to our calling, passion, and purpose. By having a better connection to Source we have an instant spiritual healing resulting in inner peace and joy.


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