Transformation Week

Life-changing personal transformation in 7 day immersion retreats

Transformative Treatment Models

Cellular Release

transformative-treatment-models-transformation-week“Cellular Release” is a painless process by which negative emotional energy acquired in a person’s lifetime is stored in the cells of their body. Everything a person experiences in their lifetime, whether positive or negative, is stored in the cells of their body including every organ.

This technique was developed by Rev. Dr. Michael Gross to release and remove those energies stored in a person’s body at the deepest cellular level. The purpose of releasing these energies is to help prevent illness and dis-ease that may occur when one least expects it. It is most effective with stubborn, chronic, or recurring health issues. It may also prevent future illnesses.

Over the years, Cellular Release has proved to be highly effective. This process helps the physical, mental, and emotional body at all levels. It is a wonderfully gratifying and healing experience each person will be taking away with them.

Soul Retrieval

This is an ancient process in which parts of the soul leave due to a traumatic experience, and once again are gathered and rejoined into oneness.

There are times when individuals do not realize that their souls have become fragmented, resulting in a feeling of partial emptiness.

Rejoining the fragmented parts of your soul will bring you a euphoric feeling of joy. The process is pain – free and very empowering. It will make you feel exhilarated and reborn ! ! !

Past Life Regression

Karma is really nothing more than life’s lessons that have yet to learn. Many souls bring Karmic lessons from the past lives into the current incarnation in order to complete their learning and promote their spiritual evolution.

Through Michael’s gentle guidance, you will learn the nature of the karmic lessons that you can now understand and release them. Wisdom erases Karma! Michael can help you gain this wisdom.

You cannot change what you do not recognize or understand. Many problems souls encounter in this lifetime are the result of a Karmic Link to past lifetimes. Once they are able to grasp the nature of these lessons, an emotional healing process begins to take place changing your life for the better.

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