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8 Reasons To Learn Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

It is a method of using Universal energy or Life force to raise the frequency (energy level) of the physical body. Some practitioners prefer to use hands-on while others just send or project higher energy out of their hands into the client’s energy field. At the fundamental level of our being, we are an interchange of energy with a consciousness. In other words we are a spirit wearing a body.

When an application of higher frequency energy is applied to a person they naturally feel lighter and better. The person feels bad when their energy flow gets low and they are more likely to “catch a cold” or get the flu. When the energy is high the person feels inner peace, joy, and a connection to Source energy. This is what a Journey into Soul does for you; it creates Peace, Love and Joy!

Energy medicine can be applied to yourself just as easily as to another. This Life Force is the energy behind all healing. Wherever this energy is flowing and in balance, there is health and well being. Wherever this energy is being blocked or cut off there is dis-harmony and dis-ease.

When one is able to flow more Source energy they will enjoy fewer or no visits to the doctor’s office, fewer prescription pills to take, and experience no bad side effects …except sometimes a slight healing crisis while the body releases toxins.

Energy Healing Comes In Different Names and Flavors

There are many different methods and names of energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, Quantum-Touch, faith healing, Qigong, AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, healing touch, angel healing, Reiki Master telephone and distant healing, spiritual healing, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Healing, Sedona Method, Shiatsu energy healing, energy field healing, acupressure, kinesiology, medical intuition, bioenergy, energy psychology, NLP, Chinese medicine, Laser Reiki and other alternative healing modalities.

These energy-healing modalities may be used to complement mainstream methods or stand alone as an alternative approach to addressing imbalances and disease. A hands-on energy healer attends to the symptoms of distress, such as stress or pain, in a prayerful like context, focusing on the flow of body/mind/spirit energy as the client becomes more centered and peaceful. Gentle touch is sometimes part of the process but it is not necessary to touch for the healing to take place. Energy healing can create relaxation, release trauma, and energize the thinking process …providing insights for making lifestyle changes.

In the advanced energy healing programs like Laser Reiki and the Sedona Method it is not about treating symptoms – it’s about addressing the thoughts and feelings that are at the root of the problem, and releasing those emotional thoughts and feelings. It goes into the metaphysical realms.

Energy medicine is where the medical system is going in a few years. It is not logical to try to poison a person’s body back into health. It makes more sense to release toxic blockages and stuck emotions from a person so they can reconnect to our Divine Source of happiness and wellness. Like some governments run by corporations want to make money by selling military arms, it does not make sense to try to bomb a country into peace. How is that working for humanity? How many people in those countries who have been bombed are feeling peaceful and loving?

Energy healing is really at the basis of who we are as beings that walk this planet. We are all made of consciousness and energy. If we truly realize what we are, then it only makes sense that energy healing is a valid premise to base our assumptions that it must be a major part of our holistic health plan. According to the book: “Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven” by Suzy Ward, “energy healing” is the ONLY kind of healing taking place in Heaven. There are on going programs in hospitals all over the world to bring different forms of healing in to complement the mainstream health care systems.

Why Learn Energy Healing?

  1. 8-reasons-to-learn-energy-healingYou are a healer. We all have this natural ability to heal others and ourselves; however, without some formal training we cannot fully use the tools. We already have the energy vortexes in the palm of our hands to flow out higher frequency energy.
  2. Heal the body. With traditional Reiki, the most well known energy healing system, it may take several direct applications of energy to heal the pain. Energy is applied to the physical body.
  3. Heal the source. In advanced energy healing systems symptoms naturally disappear when the root cause of the pain or distress is removed. We can find and remove the root cause of the problem using the Laser Reiki method. When the underling emotional issue is taken care of the healing can happen quicker and in some cases the healing is instant. Energy is applied to the energy body at a high level, rather than only on the physical shell.
  4. Heal energetically. With energy healing you can:
    • Clear blockages/dark energy (replace the low energy with high energy.)
    • Increase and harmonize the natural flow of the Life Force through a person.
    • Most clients are able to immediately feel the higher vibrations of the energy healing and therefore feel invigorated and cheerful.
  5. Heal multiple systems simultaneously. You can heal on all levels at the same time –
    • The physical body
    • The Mental and emotional levels
    • The Spiritual body
  6. Healing thoughts. In quantum physics it has been proven that thoughts cause energy to create physical manifestations (the quantum wave changes to the quantum particle). So by learning how to use your energy, thoughts, and actions correctly it will improve your health, wealth, and happiness. A thought’s energy precedes physical manifestation – so refining your thoughts will refine your health and other aspects of your life!
  7. Healing is heavenly. Energy healing is the only kind of healing used in the “heaven” (where we go after the body dies here.)
  8. Healing is fun. Learn energy healing because: “It’s fun to heal yourself and others!”

Reiki is the most popular energy healing method in the world and is very simple. It calms the mind and raises a person’s vital life force energy. Reiki is pronounced “Ray – Key”. REI…means “universal” and refers also to the spiritual dimension and the soul. KI…means the vital “life force energy” which flows through all that exists.

Energy healing is NOT a religion. It embraces no doctrines, creeds or contradictions to the Universal Laws of Consciousness, Oneness, and Love. It does not conflict with other health care procedures but enhances their results. Energy healing helps release tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. It balances your life and enhances relaxation.

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